Asking for help

If you are looking for help, please do not email me directly. Please use the lavaan discussion group instead.

lavaan discussion group

If you have questions about the use of lavaan, or if you would like to discuss various aspects about the lavaan package, please join the the lavaan discussion group:

Once you have joined the group, you can email your questions (or opinions) to

This discussion group is the main hub for the lavaan community. Announcements related to lavaan will be posted there first. And discussions may lead to changes in the lavaan code. The discussion group is archived, and can be searched. It is always wise to check the archives first, before posting.

Reporting bugs

If you have found a (possible) bug, please report it. You can either:

  1. email me directly () (to alert me)
  2. create an issue on GitHub (to remind me, once we have agreed it is a bug)

But please, always include a reproducible example containing an R script, and a snippet of your data (just enough to reproduce the issue). And make sure you are using the latest version of lavaan.

All verified bugs (and other reported issues) are listed in the version history.